Deal Guru An Online Shopping with The Best Deals

Shopping online seems like a scam to most of the people. A lot of people have been reporting scam websites on a daily basis. Finding a genuine website with good discount offers and deals seems next to impossible these days. With this article, I intend to introduce you to a shopping portal that not only provides you the best price on the product you love, but also ensures that the product reaches you in the best condition. The name of this online Shopping portal is Deal Guru is a new shopping portal which will sell you all the premium range products at an economic price range. Isn’t it amazing. Read more to find out the products you can buy with this website. Continue reading


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – Specifications and Features

Samsung Galaxy note 4 will have the same colors as the Samsung Galaxy S5 here every rumor about phablet

We do not have any information on Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and the difficulty we will have in the future, given that the latest versions of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 have been launched only at the beginning of the year; slowly, however, we are able to put together all the pieces of the puzzle and clues suggest that not only the rumor picked at random but plausible rumors and organic. Continue reading

The Benefits of Using Screen Capture

Screen capture video is made to capture and record screen activity in true time. With this particular video recording software it is possible to capture the moving action on your pc screen and conserve it as an video file. screen capture mac offer a superb instrument to share your pc information, demonstrate the best way to use software program, show how you can perform an action or for training functions. It is possible to type text, move the cursor, highlight the cursor, click buttons, pick menus and all this will likely be recorded on to video to save and play back. You can even record your voice as your are talking as well as the screen exercise. Continue reading

Shopping Made easier with Ask Me

Have you made a shopping plan lately? Do you really have that much time, to visit a shopping mall and take a day off for just shopping? I have found an app that can ease your shopping experience. Gone are the days, when we would need to visit a shopping mall in person because now we can do this virtually. You just need an internet connection and Ask Me app to have the best shopping experience, you could ever have.
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Wearable Technology: A Modern Way of Education

This latest wearable technology has totally changed the process of teaching and learning where the students not only learn in a constructive way, but also earn great knowledge. The wearable technology has helped the students to show their creativity and innovative mind and also help them communicate with the surrounding in a natural and easy way. It offers the children with many opportunities for the students to gain knowledge quickly and get easy access to every kind of information. Continue reading

Android App Development Certification

Pass the Android App Development Certification and Get A Higher Salary

There was a time when Apple had the monopoly in the mobile and application market and developers wanted to get certified for Apple application development to get paid with handsome amounts. Now with android smartphones emerging and capturing the market rapidly, Android app development has increased in significance and a huge number of developers are switching from Apple app development to Android app development as it offers more scope, opportunities, and higher income. The major reason behind the adoration and popularity behind android apps is that android phones are readily available and many smartphone manufacturers are supporting this platform. Popular manufacturers including Sony, Samsung, HTC, and now Nokia design and manufacture android smartphones in bulk, and everyone now owns a handset with Android OS. This wide usability of these phones has led to a greater demand of android apps and developers can make and sell apps to Google and impressive rates. Continue reading


Point of View Mobii WinTab 800W, 1000W and 1000BW here three new tablet Windows Phone

If you’re looking for tablet Windows Phone, the latest in Point of View may meet your needs, because they offer good performance at an affordable price. This is not the first time that we bring the tablet this week – think of those Toshiba – then, before making any kind of purchase, plumbed offers of this month and, as usual, check that Amazon does not propose prices lows. But let’s get to our tablet. Continue reading